What To Do If Your Website Got Penalized By Google

Google-PenaltyHave you logged onto your account, checked your Google analytics, and noticed that your traffic has significantly decreased or your keyword rankings are not landing you on the first page anymore? If you were caught practicing black hat SEO marketing, you may have been penalized by Google. This short guide will help you determine if this is the case as well as what you should do to get back in.

Determine the Reason Your Rankings Dropped

Sometimes your rankings can drop, because people just aren’t searching for your keywords anymore. This can happen for a number of reasons including a season change, when people may not be in the market for your particular product, because it is out of season. Or, maybe there’s a new trend emerging, so people are searching the new trend.

Have Your Links Been Removed?

Sometimes your page rankings can drop, because backlinks were changed or removed. To see if this is your case, simply go to the sites where your backlinks are located, and see if they are still there. There are a number of free tools on the net, such as Xinu, that will help you determine where your backlinks are coming from.

You Have Determined That You Were Indeed Penalized by Google

So you have determined that you have engaged in offensive tasks such as keyword stuffing, spamming, or hidden text etc., and now you want to know how to get back in. Here is a list of things to consider, before taking the final steps towards getting your page reinstated:

  • Determine the severity of your offense- there are different punishments for different offenses.
  • Is this your first offense?-maybe you were unaware that what you did was a Google offense. If it is your first time, Google’s webspam team may grant you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Are You an Established Brand?-Google will most likely go easier on big, established brands as opposed to small, dispensable ones.

Google Penalty Recovery

If you value your domain name and would like to keep it, you will need to submit a re-inclusion request or tweet Google’s program manager Brian White at @brianwhite. When contacting Google, keep in mind, their webspam team knows everything about your offense against them, so be prepared to give a full account of your actions. Failing to do so, will most likely result in the rejection of your account.

When That Doesn’t Work

If you are caught practicing black hat SEO marketing, just face it, Google may not let you back in. If this is the case, simply move on, this time practicing only pure white hat SEO marketing.

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