What is FIOS?

as1ra24Some individuals are not aware of the many internet options that are now available to them, nor which internet service option supersedes the other. The first internet option that was available to us was dial up. For a couple of years dial up provided us with an ample amount of speed for various internet activities. Next we were introduced to DSL and cable internet services. The speed offered with these particular services allowed us to do more activities online such as stream and download music and videos at faster speeds. Though the speeds offered were faster than dial up these services still limited our internet usage. Now with increased bandwidth capacity and more reliable services available to us with the help of Corona Fios we are able to do and expect more from our internet services.

Some may ask how an increased bandwidth from FiOS services can provide a customer. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted through a connection over a certain amount of time. So the more bandwidth means that your pages will load quicker, songs will download faster, and you will be able to stream video without the video lagging. All of these benefits are what FiOS can provide. The most common FiOS plans chosen by customers are 15/5 Mbps, 50/25 Mbps, or 75/35 Mbps. This amount of speed can allow customers in Corona the opportunity to view webpages with quickness. Also, the speed offer by FiOS is not limited to 75/35. FiOS services have the ability to grow with you as your need for speed increases. In some areas FiOS customers are receiving 500 Mbps which is 100 times faster than what some DSL and cable internet services offer.

In addition to being fast, FiOS services are also reliable. Every other internet service does not have the ability to provide customers with reliability. Dial-up, DSL, and cable internet services can become undependable and blotchy. Dial up and DSL services depend on a phone line to connect you to the internet while cable services depend on copper wires. Each of these services can become unreliable due to weather. For example, a heavy rain storm can cause your dial up, DSL, or cable services to not work at all. Instead of subjecting yourself to such unreliable service, you may want to consider FiOS. FiOS are able to operate in a variety weather conditions. Reliability means that you will be able to consistently receive internet access for as long as you need it. No more, internet services that lags or become unresponsive.

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