PROSOREX Launches Online Portal to Qualify Patients for Orthopedic Devices


The new website will allow patients to apply for insurance-covered orthopedic braces without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, September 14, 2017—PROSOREX is proud the announce the launch of its new online portal, The new site allows patients to apply for orthopedic devices, such as ankle braces and knee braces, through their private insurance company without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office.

The site guides patients through an online, instant eligibility test and then tells them which medically-prescribed orthopedic devices they qualify for. The braces are generally covered by the patient’s private health insurance for little or no cost.

PROSOREX hopes that by utilizing the latest technology in telemedicine, they can help people who have trouble physically visiting a doctor’s office due to chronic pain.

“We are striving to be a new source for pain relief through telemedicine for those whose lives have been crippled by pain,” said Jordan Broome, co-owner of PROSOREX.

PROSOREX was founded in 2016 and has one office located in Virginia Beach, Va. Since its founding, the company has helped countless patients get the medical devices they so badly need to manage pain. These medical orthopedic devices include ankle braces, knee braces, shoulder braces, wrist braces and back braces.

PROSOREX patients must be covered by private health insurance (PPO) in order to qualify for insurance-provided medical braces. The company is not able to assist Medicare/Medicaid patients or uninsured patients at this time.

For more information about PROSOREX, including how to apply for a medical-grade orthopedic device, visit

“PROSOREX is one of the nation’s leaders in providing a healthy solution to everyday people suffering from orthopedic pain,” said Julian Latty, co-owner of PROSOREX.





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