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KaZoom Kids Books, the Publishing Company Dedicated to Multicultural, Digital – Interactive Children’s Book has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign


CHICAGO, IL. 4/25/2017 –KaZoom Kids Books, Inc,  a multicultural, digital-interactive children’s book publishing company, has launched its Kickstarter campaign. KaZoom is the first interactive digital publishing company in the United States focusing exclusively on the multicultural market, and most precisely Black and Latino readers.

Based in Chicago KaZoom’s flagship product is KaZoom Kids iStoryBooks – an innovative, interactive library of multicultural children’s book apps bringing technology magic to traditional print. The company publishes multicultural books and apps for ages 3 to 8. The books engage children with sight, sound, read-along narration, touch and animation through interactive technology.

“If you are an African-American or Hispanic mother of young children you can seldom find children’s book that reflect your life, family and community, says Donna Beasley, Co-Founder and publisher. There is a void in the publishing industry for multicultural children’s books. In 2014 only 5% of children’s literature included children of color.  These few books are not nearly enough when you consider that 43% of students in our nation’s public school system are Black and Hispanic children and our country is growing more culturally diverse each year.

At KaZoom we believe every child should be able to find themselves and their community in the pages of a book. This lack of diversity in children’s literature creates a gap in the sense of self-love that comes from recognizing oneself in a text, from the understanding that your life and lives of people like you are worthy of being told, thought about, discussed and even celebrated.”

“The multicultural children’s book segment in the United States is one of the biggest untapped markets,” says Beasley.  KaZoom gives Kickstarter backers not only the opportunity to support a cause but also to become a character in a book or to tell their life story. I personally think it is pretty exciting to have a children’s book written around your life story or that of someone you love, don’t you think so?”

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