How To Set Up A Website

If you are looking to set up a website then you have come to the right resource! Having a website is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas or business with the world. First of all it is important to determine what kind of website you are building. Is this a personal website kind of like a blog where you are going to journal and share pictures, or is this a website for your company where you want to promote and sell your goods and services? Depending on the purpose, you will need to follow different steps for setting up a website.

The very first thing you will need once you have determined what kind of website you are looking to build is to decide on a theme. Keep in mind that there are billions of people in the world, and a lot of them might have websites, so you want to do something that is unique. Something that will help your website stick out in people’s minds. No pressure! One idea if you are making more of a personal website versus a business website is to start with something that interests you since you are the creator of the website. If you use a topic you are interested in, chances are it’ll be easier to develop it and have the motivation to stick with it. Let’s say you enjoy music.

You could set up a website that is designed to critique and keep the audience up to date with the latest developments in different genres of music. You could go to different concerts, read different articles, and talk about the up to date news in the music world. If you want something more personal such as a blog, then determine how often you will post updates and if it’ll all be text or if you want to post pictures, since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words! Once you have determined all this, the next logical step when setting up a website is making a plan. Chances are that the website will take time and money, so allocate a specific amount of each and go from there. You could begin by drawing out a flow chart of how you want the website to be. Chances are you will start with a homepage, and then come up with different pages to link to.

If you are going with the personal blog idea, you could have your home page, and then the different links could be for your spouse, and then each kid could also have their own. Once you have this plan you are ready to actually start building the site. You can do it on your own using resources such as Adobe Dreamweaver that are user friendly. Or you can call for some help with your .Net framework and a professional can help you get your website up and running. A third option is using a hosting site that has a bunch of themes and frameworks all ready for you to utilze. I know my blog is through a hosting site. Not only does it not cost me anything, but everything is set up and ready to go, I just decide which format I like best. 

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