How to Keep your iPhone Safe from Cracks

How to Keep your iPhone Safe from CracksAn iPhone is a really magnificent smartphone; it has everything you need and you might think of. It suits people all ages and coming from different backgrounds and everyone enjoys using one. But what can one do to keep that bright screen from cracking and getting shattered as it usually does sooner or later?

Of course, first thing that comes to mind is: iPhone case! There is a huge collection of Apple covers and cases you can choose from. But from of those thousand of cases available, which one should you pick to make sure your iPhone is safe? The most popular case, taking into account the number of sales and satisfied customers that have voted for it, is undoubtedly Otterbox Defender/Commuter one.


They are very high impact and feature a soft silicone bumper, a hard polycarbonate body, a hard polycarbonate screen and face protector. The exterior layer is impact resistant and these cases include also a belt-clip holster. The Commuter is a bit thinner that the Defender, but they both protect extremely well. Some say that the Otterbox cases add quite a bit of bulk to your iPhone, but after some time you get used to it, and if you are always on the move (hiking, biking running, etc.) you´ll be very grateful for this case.
Another popular brand of cases is Case-Mate Tough Cases. They are thinner and stylish and keep your iPhone crack-less. They feature a shock absorbing silicone bumper and a hard plastic shell. They also offer customization services.

Another case that is perfect for keeping your iPhone protected is Magpul Field Case. They are made of synthetic rubber that works very well to absorb drops and shocks. They are available in various colors and are significantly cheaper than the other two.

Other than buying a case to protect your phone if dropped, you should also be careful with it. Sometimes the easiest and simplest things can make a difference, so be aware of where you put your iPhone. Don´t leave it on the edge of a table where if it vibrates it can fall down or your pet may knock it down. Be careful with extreme temperatures also. When it´s hot outside, don´t leave your iPhone in the car. Various parts of the iPhone can be highly affected by the heat; that goes for extremely cold temperature as well.
If you are really worried about something happening to your iPhone and the cost of repairing it, you might consider purchasing iPhone insurance. They usually go for no more than $40 per year, which is a small price for your peace of mind.

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