Hot Companies Of 2012

This year is a big one for new and growing companies–from Facebook to MikaRose, a lot of growth and change happened in 2012. Here are some of the highlights so that you can be in the loop with what is new and trending toward the top of the business pyramid.


This social networking monster just became public with shares that sold for record amounts. Far out spanning and out growing the once popular MySpace, this company is now one of the most used in the world. Other businesses get a lot out of advertising with this one because it targets ads so well. There is a built in analytics platform that allows ads to be sent to and seen by only those to whom they apply. This gets rid of superfluous spending of marketing funds. Companies, even the big ones, like to zero in on the right audience so that they can save and retain the most money for the best profit by year’s end. Facebook is the perfect advertising resource, and it is obviously loved by the general public.


This company is expanding all of the time. Its headquarters include everything from a giant waterfall to rides. When kids can get a kick out of “bring your child to work day,” you know that there is something different about a company. There are no words to describe the scope and growing power of this online powerhouse. Investing is really your only option to keep up with companies like Google.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi newsletter templates are perfect for any company, which is why this one is doing so well. Much like UPS, this company can run the internal operations of an important part of any other business. UPS takes over the shipping concerns while this little beauty takes care of marketing concerns. Email formatting and electronic branding is growing to become all the rage. Get on the bandwagon to see why this company is one to watch out for in 2012.


A trendy new clothing company that is making its way into the large sector is this woman’s company. For fashions designed specifically for the modest woman, it is becoming a trend on Facebook in particular. Modest is now the new immodest. Midriff baring tops and Daisy Duke shorts are a thing of the past, particularly the bad 90’s. People are recognizing modesty as a fashion statement, as surprising as this might seem. Companies selling dresses are starting to design more reminiscent of the 1950’s in which women were women and men were men, as the saying goes. People are covering up for a classier look. This look is expanding sales for the company MikaRose.

Just take a look at Mad Mimi newsletter templates, Facebook marketing, Google, and MikaRose to catch a glimpse of the cool companies to get involved with this year.


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