Creating An Inviting Lobby For Your Business

Regardless of what employees may think and the fiscal condition of a company, a lobby renovation that includes a business TV might be a great idea.  As much as we like to think that it is what is inside that counts, people judge by appearance all of the time.  Whether it is Miss America, a photo on a dating web site or the entrance to a business, everyone who comes into contact with that item or person is judging them by how they look.  That is just the raw truth.

Therefore, every business lobby should look inviting and appealing for its clientele.  This may mean different things for different businesses.  A sports related business might be well served with a lobby full of sports memorabilia and with sports on the TV in the waiting area.  A movie related business may want to have movie memorabilia in its lobby with a TV that is showing trailers to the latest and greatest films.  A car place may want to have the TV turned to a car channel and a lobby that is outfitted with automobile history.  Whatever the business, there may come a time that business wants its own business TV channel, and that is within the reach of more businesses than might have been imaginable five years ago.

An inviting lobby will always smell good regardless of what the business is.  Fresh-baked cookies and pies are some of the most comfortable smells.  Unfortunately, they are not easy to reproduce at a business level, but avoiding fake smelling air fresheners is a start and having a coffee pot that brews actually coffee is a start.

The rug should be plush and comforting even to those who are wearing shoes.  The couches and chairs should look clean and be comfortable.  Avoid vinyl and leather, especially in places where the sun might heat the upholstery up to unconscionable temperatures.  Light in the lobby should come from natural sources or from light bulbs that reproduce the full light spectrum.

Colors in a lobby are very important.  By choosing cool colors like green or blue, the business is telling people that they are welcome to stay.  In the 1980s, McDonald’s wanted to get its customers out of its restaurant as quickly as possible.  The message that they sent to customers was, “buy our food but don’t eat it here.”  They sent this message by providing hard plastic benches to sit on and by using a red and yellow color scheme that was jarring enough to send people away.  Most McDonald’s have changed their color scheme to something more inviting now.

Using a business TV to help set the tone for an inviting lobby experience is a great idea as long as it is executed with style and finesse.

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