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Growing Your Small Business

When in regards to growing a small business and blossoming from a small time mom and pop shop to something recognizable in the industry or business that you’re in, it’s always good to take into consideration a few things beforehand. For instance, who is your competition? Who is in charge of running your marketing department, […]

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Benefits Of Cloud Storage

  Storing files in a cloud may sound like a bad idea at first, but it’s far from it. Cloud storage is not only a great tool for companies to utilize, but it’s also a smart way to back up everything on home computers and mobile devices. Regardless of whether you want to use Cloud […]

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The Future of Data Storage

Data Storage is going off right now, with names likes Cloud and Google Drive who have revolutionized the way people share and store data you never know what will happen next.  We now have laptops running off of little to no internal memory with all storage capacity for the device held online.  If that isn’t […]

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Building Your First Computer

Building your first computer can be intimidating. Most people believe that building a computer is a complicated process that requires someone with special technical knowledge, but that isn’t true. Over the last decade, technology has made building computers simple enough for anyone willing and able to follow a set of instructions. There are several primary […]

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Creating a Killer Facebook Page for your Business

It is important for any business to have a great Facebook page in order to engage customers and increase your brand awareness. However, just having a Facebook page is not enough. With all the competition within Facebook, it is important to also optimize your Facebook page for success. This may sound difficult, but in reality […]

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Increasing Your Conversion Rate for PPC

As you begin to increase company your presence on the web through social media and through search results, conversion rates can help you test and determine the effectiveness of each strategy on the overall results to your business.    There are a variety of factors that can lead to your overall conversion rate as well as […]

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building a computer

Building Your Own Computer

Computers have become an important part of daily life.  From work, to school, to home and play there are many things that you can do with a computer.  For specific uses of your computer you might require more specific computer components.  This is one of the advantages of building your own computer; you can design […]

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Next Generation Restaurants

With the amount of people that go to restaurants every weeks it is interesting that technology has not grown quicker in this areas to improve the experience people have.  Well the wait will soon be over with the advancements they have made with current technology to aid this business.  With additions like these, I will […]

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Benefits of Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets are one of the great money saving items that people should have in their homes. There are many different toilets to choose from in the market today, which many people do not realize unless they are looking to buy one. Then they might feel overwhelmed at all of their choices. Too many […]

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Cell Phones for Parents to Consider for Their Kids

In today’s day and age remaining connected with the world almost requires one to own a cell phone, and because of this, many parents are looking into buying a cell phone for their child. This can be a big step towards teaching your child how to practice being safe and responsible in today’s technology filled […]

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