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Getting Started With Home Automation

Home automation systems enable you to automate certain features in your house. For example, the system can enable you to control the lights in your home, allow you to control your home thermostat remotely or even remotely lock or unlock your doors. You can also include a garage door automation functionality in your home automation […]

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Four Video Cameras for Aspiring Film Directors

Every aspiring film director needs a camera, but with so many different options available on the market, how do you know which one to choose? There’s a big difference between a camera intended solely for home movie-making and a camera you can use to make festival-worthy films. If you’re serious about becoming a film director, […]

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Keeping your Employees Trained on New Software

The number of new software applications entering into the marketplaces on an annual basis is staggering. Your employees need to have knowledge of the ones that are most important to their particular job description. Avid classes are the best way to figure out how to master the best of the best when it comes to […]

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Generate Sales and Explode Profits with the Power of Online Video

While video may have only been used by a small percentage of marketers a few years ago, things have changed and it’s become increasingly commonplace. With the relative ease and low cost nature of creating a video, it’s more possible than ever for businesses of all sizes to integrate this medium into their marketing campaign. […]

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cloud based system

Cloud Based Inventory Solutions Aren’t That Hard To Find

Businesses who deal with a lot of stock need to consider the best way they can keep track of their inventory. For countless decades, companies have made a good effort to stay on top of their inventory with paper-based systems. While these methods have produced good results, they have also created the potential for human […]

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Top 5 Android Apps for Movie and Television Fanatics

Today one the most widespread uses for smartphones is watching videos, catching up on TV or new movies. Whether it’s mobility TV while traveling or relaxing at home, mobility coverage for TV and movies is not hard to find with an Android device. Here are the top five Android apps for the avid moviegoer and […]

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Why Get New Electronics when you can Fix Old Stuff

Electronic equipment can be an important investment, but one that seems to be costly to replace repeatedly.  Instead of replacing that electronic equipment you can find repair solutions that will allow you to not only save money, and also reduce waste. At you find solutions to repair, replace, or even recycle electronic devices.  Whether […]

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Last Chance Fair

Tips for Getting a New Job

An obvious tip for making a good impression and getting a new job is to look nice. Your first impression is critical, and the first and foremost impression usually comes from your appearance when you walk in the door. It can make all the difference in how you are viewed and how the interviewer thinks […]

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Customize Your Technology

If you are working in an environment where there are many people and each one has their own laptop or gadget, then you want to find out a way to separate yours from the others. Some people use permanent markers and write their names on things, others use tape, and some use bumper stickers. There […]

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Following Software License Laws In Your Business

The world isn’t a lawless haven like the wild west or a government run by thugs and criminals like in early industrial America anymore. Laws and rules are enacted to protect our rights and to create guidelines for us to follow. As an employer and a business owner, it is important that you follow these […]

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