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Expanding the tools available to fight ORC

Myrtle Beach, SC, January 17, 2018– NAORCA and BOLO Board have formed an alliance to provide much need communication tools to the industry. Now with your NAORCA membership you get access to a national database of BOLO’s and a social media network designed for the industry.

“This is a new era for communications between retailers, law enforcement and really any company concerned about security. The world of the criminal is getting smaller as a result.” – Brad Jordan, President, BOLO Board

BOLO Board is a social media app designed for use in the security and loss prevention industry. It provides a social media venue to connect with colleagues worldwide and exchange information. It also provides a localized alert system for users that stretches up to 100 miles. Users can load BOLO’s into the system and users that are within range geographically will receive an alert that has been posted. They then can view the BOLO details and flag it as a BOLO of interest. Once flagged the users can then view all their flagged BOLO’s in a map view. Allowing investigators to connect incident locations to individuals or groups. Also, the BOLO’s are saved in a national/global searchable database.

NAORCA (National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association) is a global association with over 3,200 members that are leaders in retail and law enforcement dedicated to assisting businesses with theft and fraud prevention. One of NAORCA missions is to identify new technology and venues that further their success in their main purpose. BOLO Board is excited to be selected as one of these solutions.

“NAORCA Worldwide is excited to partner with BOLO Board. We see great value in BOLO Board that will give our members in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, and Law Enforcement a much needed tool to share information on specific incidents, suspects, and be able to collaborate and identify suspects that are committing crimes at many different retailers” – Christopher McGourty, NAORCA Worldwide, Founder/Executive Director

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Bradley Jordan at email at Or email contact Christopher McGourty at

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