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Why Get New Electronics when you can Fix Old Stuff

Electronic equipment can be an important investment, but one that seems to be costly to replace repeatedly.  Instead of replacing that electronic equipment you can find repair solutions that will allow you to not only save money, and also reduce waste. At you find solutions to repair, replace, or even recycle electronic devices.  Whether […]

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Last Chance Fair

Tips for Getting a New Job

An obvious tip for making a good impression and getting a new job is to look nice. Your first impression is critical, and the first and foremost impression usually comes from your appearance when you walk in the door. It can make all the difference in how you are viewed and how the interviewer thinks […]

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Customize Your Technology

If you are working in an environment where there are many people and each one has their own laptop or gadget, then you want to find out a way to separate yours from the others. Some people use permanent markers and write their names on things, others use tape, and some use bumper stickers. There […]

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Following Software License Laws In Your Business

The world isn’t a lawless haven like the wild west or a government run by thugs and criminals like in early industrial America anymore. Laws and rules are enacted to protect our rights and to create guidelines for us to follow. As an employer and a business owner, it is important that you follow these […]

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Hot Companies Of 2012

This year is a big one for new and growing companies–from Facebook to MikaRose, a lot of growth and change happened in 2012. Here are some of the highlights so that you can be in the loop with what is new and trending toward the top of the business pyramid. Facebook This social networking monster […]

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Creating an Online Newsletter for Customers

Customer interaction is a key component for a business to be successful. If a company is going to have continued business from repeat customers they need to be able to interact with them so that they feel comfortable with the company. There are many different ways that a company can interact with its customers. One […]

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Medical Waiting Room

Creating An Inviting Lobby For Your Business

Regardless of what employees may think and the fiscal condition of a company, a lobby renovation that includes a business TV might be a great idea.  As much as we like to think that it is what is inside that counts, people judge by appearance all of the time.  Whether it is Miss America, a […]

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home theater

Setting Up Your New Home Theatre

One of the greatest investments you can make to improve the feel and look of your home is a home theater. If you are like most people you probably spend a lot of time at home watching TV and movies and there is nothing better than getting the big screen feel with the comfort of […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Reliable Features

If we talk a bit about the company, we’ll come to know that the starting of this company was not different than anybody else, in fact when this brand launched itself into the market of mobile phone, there was a doubt in the minds of the experts that, would this company be able to survive […]

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QR Codes

Are marketers missing opportunities with QR codes? In order to scan a code, you need a smartphone with a camera and a suitable app. The idea is that mobile phones can be used to scan the codes on the go. The happy snapper is then transported to a webpage, receives a Vcard, makes a phone […]

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